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Dear Devotees,

Due to the Coronavirus (CoVid-19) pandemic, we are closing the temple to the public from March 15 , 2020 until further notice. This is due to advisory from both state and national level.

The world is undergoing a very tough time currently. We need Lalitha Ambal Blessings to kill the “Bhanda Asura”. It is said that “ekam papani kuruthe phalam bhunthe maha janaha”, one person’s mistake will affect all the people. like this we are experiencing covid 19.

We should all pray to Devi Sri kalikambal to remove this darkness from the world.

Vasantha Navarathri
Navavarana Pooja with NAVALAKSHARCHANA

To bring the peace and calmness to the world. We recommend all the Devotees to participate in the Nava Laksharchana from your home using the link
listed below by doing Sahasranamavali Archana to Devi sri lalitha in the form of sri kalikambal.
You can follow the same after Guruji chant each line of sahasranamavali.

It starts from Wednesday,March 25th 2020 wed and ends on Thursday, April 2nd 2020.

  • 6.45 PM to 7.30 PM — Lalitha sahasranamavali Archana 
  • 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM — Aarthi

We want everyone to pray for the wellness of the world and overcome this fear.

We need at least 30 Devotees to participate so we can complete navalaksha in 9 days.

To join the Lalitha Sahsranamavali Archana, please join using the link here

Sponsor details for vasantha Navarathri: All 9 day

We are going to chant 900 times of Sahasranamavali Kumkuma Archana.This will be done along with Devotees participation.

Tell your friends also to join us with this prayer to get rid off this Covid 19 , Maha Asura, through prayer of Devi Maa.Sarve janaha sukino bhavanthu

You can send the sankalpa details at 5087352923.

Your support to our temple is highly appreciated.

May sri kalikambal bless you and your family with good health.

To join the Lalitha Sahsranamavali Archana, please join using the link here

Stay safe  & healthy.
Om Namashivaya!

Thank you for your support:


We are looking for flower sponsors for weekly or monthly for all deities or for one deity.
We have a sheet with all information of each deity flower cost for weekly or monthly at the temple desk.This will help us to get the flowers weekly to offer for all the deities.

Thank you for your support as always.

Om Namashivaya!

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