Message from Sivachariar Bhairavji
Dear Devotees, Namaste!
I am delighted to wish you all a very Happy New Year & Happy Sankaranthi ! — 2018
With the blessings of Lord Om Kareshwarar and Mother Sri Kalikambal, we are in the process of acquiring land for the construction of Shiva temple. When the process began, I was sitting in front of Lord Om Kareshwarar, contemplating on the resources needed to buy the land. The word Bhoo Dhaana came to my mind. With no prior mention about this to anyone, I felt this consciousness is a true blessing of Lord Om Kareshwarar himself.
Bhoo Dhaana – The plan to procure temple land by having devotees giving away (donating) land by the square foot to Lord Om Kareshwarar and Devi Kalikambal – is a concept unveiled to me by Lord Om Kareshwarar.
Often times the land is bought and devotees could do brick sponsorship for the construction of the temple. But in this Bhoo Dhaana, devotees get to participate in the temple construction right from the beginning by donating land. Bhoo Dhaana is a golden opportunity, as in this modern era buying acres of land and giving it away is not easily possible. Bhoo Dhaana helps get rid of ones karmic bondage with earth. With Lord Om Kareshwarar’s blessings, we have come up with a feasible option for devotees to give away a minimum land of 10 Sq.ft for $50.
I had explained about Bhoo Dhaana to Sivasri Shanmuga Sivachariar who had visited us recently. He had extolled the virtues of Bhoo Dhaana and commented on the significance of the same.
“It is the greatest of charity. We eat the food that comes through the Land. It is the Lord who had given us this system. Is it not the best way to express our thankfulness by being part of this donating the Land specially called as Bhoo Dhanaa. The Sastras declares that this body which is made of major part with earth will not get another birth by dedicating some space for the Lord. Great Kings to normal laymen had dedicated lands to the Lord in our tradition for the welfare of the world. Come on! Be a part of this Siva Kainkarya and be blessed with Sivathva – The Siva Conscious”. — Sivasri Shanmuga Sivachariar
Under the guidance of my Guru Swami Sathasivom Sivacharyar – Sri Kalikambal Temple Chennai, each dedicated one towards this mission is to be honoured with ” Siva Mahi Daana Dasa:” – which he had explained as “The dedicated soul who has contributed towards the Land Of Lord Siva”. I thank him and all Guru Parampara for their blessings towards this mission. May thy Lord Omkareshwara and Mother Kalikambal bless you all with peace and prosperity.
I thank you all once again for all your dharmic support.
In the service of the Lord,
Sivacharya Sri. Bhairavji
Bhoo Dhaana Units