Temple Construction Project

Total Building Area = 27,000+ Sq.Ft  1 Sq.Ft = $300

Dear Devotees, Namaste!

With the great blessings of Sree Kalikambal , Sri Omkareswarar ,Sree Maha Lakshmi and blessings of our Guru Deiva Sri,Dr. Sivasri Sambamurthy Sivachariar, Guruji Sivasri Swamy Sathasivom, Sri lasri Shivaya Subramanya Swamy, along with the blessings of all Sankarachariars of kanchi kamakoti peetam, Sree SARADA peetam sanidhanam and together with the great support and contributions of the devoted devotee, We have acquired the land for Sri Shiva Temple, Bellingham MA.

It is said that one should visit temple every day to experience divinity and to get the blessings of god. The significance of temples can be understood from the quotes of a great Tamil poet AVVAIYAR’s who lived during the Sangam period (3rd Century BCE), ஆலயம் தொழுவது சாலவும் நன்றுAALAYAM THOZHUVATHU SAALAVUM NANDRU (It is best to worship at temples as many times possible), KOVIL ILLA OORIL KUDI IRRUKKA VENDAM ( Don’t live in a place where there is no temple). Hence temples were constructed in every town to enable daily worships and develop ones good habits. Following this tradition and with Lord Sri Shiva and Kalikambal’s  blessings, We are initiating the “NOOTHANA AALAYA NIRMANA”( constructing New Temple ). This community is presented with a unique opportunity to construct SRI SHIVA TEMPLE in the town of Bellingham. We request you to continue providing your support by taking part in this once in a life time opportunity of building a new temple

In the olden days, temples were constructed by Chakkravarthy & Samrat’s. Similarly with the blessings of Sri Shiva and Sree Kalikambal, we are recognizing the donors as “NOOTHANA AALAYA NIRMANA KAINKARYA — CHAKRAVARTHY, SAMRAT, MAHARAT, RAAT, MAHARAJA, RAAJA, DHARMA RAKSHA”. We believe anyone who donates to the temple construction are like a King and their names will be recognized at the site of the temple.

I thank my Guru Swami Sathasivom Sivacharyar – Sri Kalikambal Temple Chennai and all the Guru Parampara for their blessings towards this mission. May thy Lord OmKareshwarar and Mother Kalikambal bless you all with peace and prosperity.

I thank you all once again for your dharmic support.

In the service of the Lord,

Sivacharya Sri. Bhairvaji

Noothana Aalaya Nirmana (NAN) – Kainkarya Sponsorship Details

No. Sponsorship Level Onsite Name Recognition Sponsorship Amount
1 Diamond NAN Kainkarya — Chakravarthy $100,000 and Above
2 Platinum-Premium NAN Kainkarya — Samrat $60,000
3 Platinum NAN Kainkarya — Maharat $30,000
4 Gold-Premium NAN Kainkarya — Maharaja $15,000
5 Gold NAN Kainkarya — Raat $7,500
6 Silver-Premium NAN Kainkarya — Raaja $2,400
7 Silver NAN Kainkarya — Dharma Raksha $1,200
Noodhana Aalaya Nirmana - Sponsorship Level