Namaste Dear Devotees,

With the grace of Sri Kalikambal, Sri OmKareshwarar, and blessings of our Guru Deiva Sri. Sambamurthy Sivachariar, Guruji Sivasri Swamy Sathasivom and with the great support and contributions of devotees like you, we have successfully completed the fifth anniversary of our temple. During this timeframe we have acquired the land for Shri Shiva Temple, Bellingham MA debt free without any loans in 2018. The temple groundbreaking ceremony was conducted in August 2019.

During challenging times of 2020-2021, we performed regular services in the temple and conducted special poojas for devotees participating either virtually or at the temple. Sixteen days of Sodasa Mahalakshmi, Laksharchana for Kalikambal, MahaRudra Mahayagyam, MahaChandi Homam, Anna Abhishekam for Lord Shiva, Laksharchana for Ganesha, and Sankha Abhishekam. We continued our efforts and now have the necessary approvals from Town of Bellingham and architectural plans for us to begin the temple construction.

Our focus is to generate sufficient funds to begin the construction of the temple. We are making a special year-end appeal to seek your support to help to begin the construction phase of our temple. My humble appeal to all devotees is to make one year commitment:

 Platinum: $1,000 per month (91 bricks/month)

Gold: $500 per month (45 bricks/ month)

Silver: $100 (9 bricks/month)

Bronze: $50 per month (4.5 bricks/ month)

Noodhana Aalaya Nirmana - Sponsorship Level

Irrespective of the amount, all donations are welcome, and they may be tax-exempt. Please make your donations from above options or send a check by postal mail or call us on phone (508) 966-8332.

May the Lord Omkareshwarar and Mother Sri Kalikambal bless you all with peace, prosperity, and good health. We wish you Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year!

Mangalam Sambamurthy

President, Shri Shiva Temple Inc.